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Providing an integrated, compassionate approach to educating and motivating clients to achieve proper orofacial muscle function and posture.

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Myofunctional Therapy

myofunctional-therapyMyofunctional Therapy’s aim is to help eliminate the habits that can cause OMD & restore correct muscle function. Replacing those habits has tremendous benefits.

Pathway to Health

bbreathingDon’t wait any longer. Start down your new pathway to health and long-term well-being today. It’s never too late to make your journey happier and healthier.

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dental-hygienistReplacing and re-educating the detrimental behavior pattern with proper orofacial habits has tremendous benefits. Call Kathy to get the right treatment just for you.


Testimonials - what others say about us

Kathy is an amazing therapist who takes the time to really understand the needs of a child and the family. She integrates her knowledge and experience with tools that allow her to meet the goals of the child. She’s creative, friendly and a joy to have around.

Kathy makes the sessions fun and is very good in incorporating themes/topics that my child loves. The clear structure and schedule of the sessions she set with him helps him to follow along and be on top of what they are working on.

After just several weeks, my child’s mouth and face have started to look stronger and more stable. The improvements have been noticed by his teachers and friends, as well. Kathy has always incorporated fun games, resources and other suggested follow-up “homework” into our appointments that my child greatly enjoys.

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